This is a story about how grittiness change Mr. William’s life.

He did very poor in his primary education. But he always has a passion to find out what is the real meaning in life.

He understands that life experience is always belong to a person who experienced it since the memory cannot be vanished when one is in that position.

Therefore, he opted to strive hard in his education for the only reason not only to change his life but also to know how to live a life.

With his grittiness, he managed to achieve his scholarship in this bachelor degree of law and was called to Malaysian Bar in year 2011.

Not so sure about whether legal profession will be his long term career, he then joined a public trust company in Singapore to deal with estate planning.

Less than a year, he back to the team of Malaysia legal industry as he wanted to explore more about his potential.

Based on his past record, he has completed roughly more than 400,000 of various conveyancing cases, 200,000 above of corporate cases and 100,000 uncontested litigation cases throughout his legal practice.

He understand that learning never exhaust the mind therefore he further explore in the areas of coding, website building, designing all types of social media, in addition to his legal career.

Life is never limited in one path of life and there are many compartments in life are awaiting everyone to open and achieve.

Life can be dull if one thinks it is dull and life can be fruitful if one thinks it is fruitful.

His life motto is live life on grittiness. We are not sure if the real life story of him can inspire you or not but if you wish to know more about him, you may approach him to find out more.

这是一个关于坚韧如何改变Mr. WILLIAM的故事。




凭借他的毅力,他成功获得了法学学士学位的奖学金,并于 2011 年被宣誓成为马来西亚律师。









FLORENCE TOH TENG TENG is an advocate & solicitor of the High Court of Malaya practicing in Johor Malaysia.

Her main focused areas of law is Divorce and Family Law in Malaysia and is an experienced divorce lawyer and has been handling countless of joint divorce petitions (Mutual divorce) as well as single divorce petitions (unilateral divorce) in Malaysia. Besides, she is also an experienced lawyer in the laws of guardianship and custody of children in Malaysia.