The law of synergy tells us that no one will be entirely perfect in all aspects of life, and we need each person to make life or career complete and functional.



William and Florence come from an entire different family background. The differences of their respective family background had led them understood the differences of taste of life. It helps them to resolve many family and business issues which revolving around the wealth and the poor.



Both of them are able to see through the fear, ways of manipulations and insecurities that sweep under the rug from the poor and the rich.


Aristotle used to said “Friendship is essentially a partnership” and this is where the firm spirit comes from.



Law of synergy shows us, this differences wouldn’t be a hurdle to anyone since it is a good weapon to accelerate the growth of a company.



WILLIAM FLORENCE & PARTNERS is not only a place to find a suitable solution for you but it is a place to let you feel that “With us is where you belong”.



The unceasing love in this legal profession has indirectly let the firm to achieve several breakthroughs in the legal profession including to be retained by several big companies as legal consultants, to have several cases to be reported from lower court up until Court of Appeal within few years after this legal firm was started back in year 2015.



Without the friendship, hard work and past efforts among the team, none of us would able to believe that through the togetherness from the work place, we could see there are so much potential for us to explore and achieve together.



We strongly believe that being alone one could go faster, whereas with a team of people, we shall go even far and further!


协同法则(LAW OF SYNERGY)告诉我们,没有人会在生活的各个方面都做到完美无缺,我们需要每个人的协助使到生活或事业变得完整和实用。







协同法则(LAW OF SYNERGY)告诉我们,这种差异不会成为任何人的障碍,因为它是加速公司成长的好武器。


WILLIAM FLORENCE & PARTNERS 不仅是一个寻找合适解决方案的地方,也是一个让您感受到“我们就是您归属感”的地方。





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