Commercial and Cooperate Services

A legal contract or an agreement is not a mere piece of paper for signing between two parties but it protects one business entity with its rights and remedies.
We understand the need for such legal services to be tailored to suit the varying and diverse requirements of our corporate clients. Accordingly, we provide a highly commercial and pragmatic approach which includes the necessary mix of legal, drafting and regulatory knowledge to align with their strategic objectives.

Come to us to know more about the importance of preparing Privacy Notice and statement to meet the requirement of Personal Data Protection Act 2010 and in-dept knowledge about Anti Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act 2001 before you start up a business in Malaysia.

法律合同或协议不仅仅是两方之间签署的纸条,而是通过其权利和补救措施保护一个商业实体。 我们了解有必要针对此类法律服务量身定制,以适应公司客户不断变化的需求。因此,我们提供了高度商业化和务实的方法,包括必要的法律,起草和监管知识组合,以与其战略目标保持一致。 在马来西亚设立生意前,请联系我们了解有关准备隐私通知和声明以符合《 2010年个人数据保护法》要求的重要性以及有关《反洗钱,反恐怖主义资助和非法活动收益法》的深入了解的知识在马来西亚开展业务

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